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Her Husband Bed

K was another Korean married woman I have met while living in Seoul. We met on a dating app and had the first meeting at my flat in central Seoul. She came over I believe before another date. K was a little bit strange, I could notice that she wasn’t really happy with her life. Her behavior made her look like she was neither happy nor comfortable with the lifestyle she was into. K also had a young child, an 8 years old daughter.

I think K really hated her husband. They were not having sex anymore and I could tell that she was hating him. He used to come back home after work and do nothing else than sitting on the couch and watch TV. He was not considering her, and she was not either.

K was very slender, nobody could tell she was a 40 years old mom. She was probably going to gym quite a lot to maintain this very sexy shapes. She also had fake boobs which were adding nicely to her slim body.

K was dangerous, she was always having unprotected sex with her lovers and she enjoyed getting their semen deep inside her. K was not on the pill. I am not sure why not given her lifestyle, maybe she enjoyed the risk and maybe she would not be able to explain to her husband why she needs to be on contraceptives.

The first time we met she was wearing a sexy wide dress revealing just enough and giving enough easy access to what was hidden beneath the light fabric. She was sitting on my couch and we had some foreplay before she left my home in a hurry. I believe she had to go as someone was waiting for her. Anyways the first contact was made.

The second time we met, she came over to my place again. We had great sex and I left a surprise to her husband inside her before sending her back home. But that wasn’t hot enough. I really enjoyed that feeling of using another man’s woman and returning her dirty.

I asked K if we could level up. Her daughter was going to school at 9am and her husband going to work around the same time. She gave me her address and I visited her in the morning. We had sex in her bed. The same bed her husband was sleeping in an hour before and the same bed he was going to return at night. It was extremely sexy. We had sex literally everywhere. I could see the family pictures while shooting deep inside K’s body. I think I came a lot that day. Then I took a shower and left to work myself.

K was a very risk loving woman, she let me take videos of her fucking a younger men inside her husband’s bed. She said several times that he would kill us if he found out but still letting me take these videos as if she didn’t care. I was very curious about the other men she used to meet and really wanted to see her other videos. She didn’t mind sharing a video of her giving a blowjob to an American guy clearly showing her face. When you know how these videos go all around on the internet in Korea, it was very risky. The funny thing is that the video she shared that day, I already received it from another friend. She was really famous and not afraid of her husband finding out.

The other thing, she was inviting me to her apartment, where basically her neighbor could open the door at any time and see me entering her flat. She really was taking a lot of risks. How could she explain that a foreign guy entered her place at 9 am on a weekday morning?

I and K met for a few months, several times at her place in the morning and a couple of times at my place too, then she disappeared.

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  1. Anonymous

    great story, you are giving these women something they need and arent getting at home

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